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    Briefing Worthy Vice Chancellor
    The Vice Chancellor, Prof Dr Dawood Jan was briefed by Assistant Registrar regarding the different sections of university. Hon,ble Vice Chancellor praised the staff and assured to leave no stone unturned for the uplift of University..
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    Worthy Vice Chancellor's Visit
    Vice Chancellor Prof Dr Dawood Jan visited the UVAS swat.
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    Worthy Vice Chancellor's Visited UVAAS Lahore
    The Vice Chancellor University Of Veterinary and Animal Sciences, Swat visit.
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    Worthy Vice Chancellor's Visited UVAAS Swat
    Vist of Vice Chancellor UVAS Swat Prof Dr Dawood Jan along with staff.
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    Animal Health & CARE
    Animal Health & Care applies the principles of the biological, physical,
    and social sciences to the problems associated with livestock production and management.!
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    Animal production. The continuous growth and transformation
    of the livestock!
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    Life sciences comprises the branches of science
    that involve the scientific study of life!
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    Animal SCIENCES
    Animal science is described as "studying the biology of animals
    that are under the control of humankind"!

It gives me an immense pleasure to have an opportunity to lead an institution in this remote part of the country which has rich cultural values and untapped potentials to excel in every sphere

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We develop human resources through professional education, research and training in the field of life sciences. The university promotes learning environment that cherishes gender, the cultural equity and supports pursuit of knowledge, academic freedom and intellectual curiosity. We aim at socio-economic growth of the country by ensuring professional excellence, integrity and ethical conduct in our graduates with diverse and innovative faculty.